Image of God

Imago Dei in My Soul

When asked if I might begin a blog over the years, my instinct has been to think it would be thoroughly enjoyable...for me....but what would motivate another soul on the planet to want to pause to read it and would it have any potential to give them something worth the pause.
The only topic worthy of our attention ultimately would seem the topic of our purpose in existence:  why am I here?  ...whether asked in desperation amidst a trial or awkwardly in curiosity or in melancholic feelings of pointlessness due to all the variables that might lead one to a moment of that sort....or all of the above over the days and years of one's bumbling through this life, but ultimately to the soul in awareness of oneself, a most necessary question. 
As a Catholic, one might begin responding to the question with the Baltimore Catechism's response, 'to know, Love and serve God in this life so that we can enjoy Him in the next.'  Even to the non-Catholic or, even the non-Christian, this is a worthy proposal, despite its obvious abrasiveness if your image of 'God' is negative.  So then, if not that, what about more universally proposed, 'the reason I am here, is my own happiness.'  Which in my logic, is the same thing.  
Perhaps we could expand the idea by associating 'love' or tediously, one type of love, 'agape' with happiness.  Is there a critical association with love and happiness?  In my half a century search, I can reach no other conclusion in the life of any human I have encountered/read about than a clear association with happiness and some parameter of love.  The topic is not numerically measurable so it seems to essentially negates a scientific conclusion despite the age old quest so let's not waste time wrangling with that and reason for a season on the topic as the exploration leads us, inspiration being our guide.
The 'Agape' sweatshirt and t-shirt line originated for the purpose of 'starting a conversation about life's biggest question' and so here we are, partially in print, having the opportunity of encountering the passing of human souls within the parameters of their earthly existence and with bodies, that might wear a message to inspire a simple conversation....either among the two passing persons, or more simply among a reader and the God of the Universe pursuing this beloved reader.  
At the risk of literally being a broken record (and let's be honest, if there is something important not reaching the intended target, perhaps we require the broken record scenario that sticks on this point repeatedly....over and over.....before moving on the the rest of the beautiful song) our entry in conversation for this blog might begin with why are we here and musically, thanks to Tina Turner, what does love have to do with it?
Until next time, agape sweet soul made in the image of God.
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